Nixon Rotolog Watch Review

January 30, 2009

After using my Nixon Quattro for a little while I got hooked on the Nixon train. Over the past couple of holidays I've been less keen on new gear and into the day to day stuff. Sure a new pair of skis is cool, but by Christmas I already have them mounted and 20 days under the bases. For my birthday I got the Nixon Rotolog and really dig it. The style can be loud, edgy, or sleek depending on what color you get. I went with the orange but looking through the colors its really hard not to envy another color. The wood teak color is pretty snazzy looking. Reading the time is taking some getting use to. It's almost like they made this watch specifically for left-handed people because the time feels like its going backwards. And hey, I'm left-handed so I guess thats good for me. When your scoping this in person you'll know what I mean. Anyone remember fossil? I know they are still in stores but back in the day they were THE watch. I remember my first metal watch and how it was so dang heavy. After a while you get use to the weight, I mean style comes with a price folks. The Rotolog isn't that bad at all and fits close to the wrist to stay out of the way. Nixon Rotolog Lowdown The latch is very cool. Hopefully by the pictures you can get an idea of how it works. You squeeze the sides and the band opens up. Easy peasy. Not all metal watches are super comfortable. I would say compared to the Quatro the Rotolog is more comfy with how the links are designed. The watch reminds me of the Price is Right wheel to enter into the showcase, so it makes a great good luck charm. Don't forget to spay or neuter your pets! BUY NOW: The Nixon Rotolog Watch at

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