Nixon Quatro Watch

December 8, 2008

We have all had numerous watches. I'm no different. From the Swatch uber cool decoder watch from '99 to my Suunto Vector computer, my wrist has seen many time keepers. If it were possible I would choose to take laps on Mt. Rainier everyday in the summer and live on Wasatch slopes in the winter. Truth is, I work a day job like most of you. I really don't NEED to know what elevation my break room is. I do like style and durability and thats why the Nixon Quatro watch is living on my wrist these days and will stay that way for a long time. As I am typing this post the Quatro is chilling on my right hand. As I bend my hand up and down to SHIFT and CTRL it doesn't get in my way. My biggest complaint with past watches is when I type the thing is flopping around like dead weight. The face isn't so big that it digs into the top of my hand but big enough I can actually read the time. I did wish it had the date but it forces my pea brain to remember it throughout the day. I had a fossil watch one time and the metal band drove me crazy. Flipping the little clip to take it off became a chore because I think the metal wore out or something. The Nixon band clip is really solid and easy to take off and put on. I got the Gunmetal color and it's been a nice low-key choice. The weight of the watch is nice too, doesn't weigh me down like the old metal watches and neither does the price. BOTTOM LINE: It may not be the most hardcore piece of gear I own but its definitely one I use everyday. KEEP TIME: The Nixon Quatro Mens watch at

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