Nixon Enamel Icon Belt - Quick Review

February 20, 2009

If your looking to add a little style to your wardrobe Nixon is always a good choice. If you love your Nixon watch you'll definitely love wrapping the Nixon Enamel Icon Belt around your waist. Made with genuine leather and a burly enamel, this belt has served me well. I have had some leather belts that after wearing them for a couple months they start to curve which is annoying for hanging in the closet. The Icon must have some different leather treatment because after the same amount of time it isn't deforming. The belt buckle is removable with a snap latch making it easy to share the Nixon style with other belts. I read on the reviews and someone was saying the belt felt cheap and the enamel was coming apart. It might have just been a fluke, I haven't seen a hint of defect on mine. Belt sizing The Nixon sizing is straight forward. I am a 31 waist and I got the 28-32 size small belt and it works perfect. I might be rounder then I thought though because I am always latching the first hole. I would rather hit the first hole then have 4 inches of left over belt flapping in the wind so that size worked well for me. Sporting a Belt Buckle Before I started riding the belt-buckle train I was worried the hunk of metal would dig into my gut making it uncomfortable. It's been quite the opposite and easier to latch then a normal belt. I use to think buckles were for cowboys but now I have seen the light. If I do ever go snowboarding I can bring along my Nixon belt to not feel so out of the steez loop. Nixon Belt Specs 2.9 inch width. 2 year Nixon warranty. Genuine Leather. Bottom Line Would buy again but one drawback that might bug people is the belt is made in China. BUY NOW: The Nixon Enamel Icon Belt at

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