Newton Running Shoes

August 1, 2008

If you are a serious runner, you have definitely spotted Newton Running Shoes on some of your heroes. Heather Fuhr? Check. World Record holder Natascha Badman? Check. Ironman champions like Michellie Jones and Peter Reid? Yep, they are in them too. So what is it about this shoe that has the athletes buzzing? Newton Running Shoes haven't just come up with new springs and bouncy shock absorbers. They actually change the way your foot takes its step, making you less likely to incur injury. And even if you aren't competitive, if you are just running to stay fit, staying injury-free is the best way to always be ready to exercise. I should know --- I'm currently injured and I'm sitting here writing to you instead of getting out there being active. Nothing can turn tone into tubbiness like an injury that keeps you sedentary. Did you know that a surprising percentage of runners will have to discontinue running this year because of running-related injuries? The guys at Newton Running Shoes know that ---- I guarantee it. And some folks think their shoes could be a serious runner's ticket to reducing running-related injury. Here is how Newton says their shoes are different: When you run barefoot you naturally land on your forefoot. Newton Running shoes were developed to make your feet think they're barefoot and increase your performance. The sole of Newton mimics your own, allowing your foot to move freely and promote a forefoot impact. Basically, when you run in regular shoes all of your weight lands squarely on the heel....pounding on it over and over. That's a ton of impact, over and over. That's a lot of punishment, over and over. Newton Running Shoes are supposed to have your forefoot hit first, which many say causes more than 50% rebound of energy. So it's no secret why many folks are checking them out: 1) Since you land on the forefoot, there's may not be a need for big shock absorption under the heel; 2) Which means the shoe can be made lighter; 3) Which means you will likely conserve energy; 4) Which means you might feel like you can run more without as much risk of injury. Check them out here: BUY NOW: Click here to see great deals on other running shoes, too.

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