New Larabar Peanut Butter Cookie

September 12, 2008

At every Outdoor Retailer Show there are a number of bar and energy food companies that are somehow strategically located throughout the show such that when you need a pick-me-up lo and behold a food booth magically appears. The question then becomes, how hungry are you really? If by any stroke of luck I'm at or near the LARABAR booth I saddle up to the booth like a ski bum to the watering hole following an epic powder day. There are a couple of bar companies that I don't miss visiting each show and LARABAR is always on my radar. This past show I was able to come away with a couple of samples from the 4 new LARABAR flavors and Peanut Butter Cookie is one of them. It sounded so good that I by the time I had gotten to the car after a long Review of the LARABAR Peanut Butter Cookie As it's name would lead you to conclude that this LARABAR has some chocolate, wheat and other cookie type elements, I think I did a triple take when looking at the ingredient list. The list is three, yes three items long. I looked around the package to be sure there wasn't another ingredient list. Yep, just three. Dates Peanuts Salt How on earth could a list so small end up becoming a bar so tasty? I was out on a 4 hour bike ride and partway through when I reached into my jersey pocket I was smiling when I found that I had grabbed the Peanut Butter Cookie bar. I don't think any amount of excercise induced loss of appetite could keep me from munching on most if not all of the LARABAR flavors and this one is no exception. At 210 calories in 1.7oz (48grams) it's easy on the body and fantastic on the palate. The new flavors can be found at Whole Foods and soon they'll be available at REI. Try LARABAR: Pick up the LARABAR Snack Bar from REI

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