MSR Pocket Rocket Stove

February 24, 2009

I think one day all we will need to go camping is pockets. Granted there might be multiple pockets on those pants but you can be sure the MSR Pocket Rocket stove will be neatly stowed away, maybe somewhere on the hip? Ever since the beginning of my backpacking career MSR stoves have been with me every meal and like the Hershey's chocolate bar; why change? The Company MSR With MSR you get fresh, new, and innovative designs in your outdoor gear. Functionality mixed with reliability with a dash of sensible know-how, brings you supreme performance. Since 1969 MSR has been passing the competition with steady strides of consistent growth in their gear. The Whisperlite set lightweight stoves to a new standard and here we have the Pocket Rocket, blowing our minds and boiling our water. Ever buy those Toblerone candy bars at the airport? Well cut one of those bars in half and thats what size of the case the Rocket comes in. My problem with lightweight small stoves is the stability of the pot on top. I feel like if I am going to cook with these little guys I'm going to need a fort of rocks to keep the pot from falling over. I haven't used this stove yet but with my experience with the Superfly it looks like the three prongs come out far enough to keep your boil rolling. Well here's another thought, if your using the Pocket Rocket in the first place your probably not going to be packing a long a huge pot for 10 people. A teeny cup should do the trick for your minimalist appetite. Canister vs. White Gas I've had great luck with canister stoves. They are very easy to use and hard to screw up. White gas may pump out the gnarly heat but with canister your not riding the pump train which can be nice for newbie backpackers...or lazies like me. It is fun to pour the left over gas on torches and explore caves; keep out of reach of children. Pocket Rocket Specs Boil Time - 3.5 minutes, your not going anywhere, you've got time. Weight - 3oz. Is that a stove in your pocket or....? Burn Time - 60min. (8oz. canister) Simmer down, theres enough for everyone with the MSR Pocket Rocket Stove.

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