MSR MiniWorks EX Water Filter Review

November 25, 2008

Seems like there are a million ways to get the billions of diseases out of our water. You have water pens, pumps, tablets, and chemical cocktails to get you the clean agua you need. Personally I like my MSR MiniWorks filter to get me my clean water. I have had it for years and it just makes me feel good inside, literally. The easy to use pump has a ceramic filter to get all the ickys out of your backcountry water. The Icky Menu Bacteria Protozoa Crypto Giardia Particulate Lame Taste Order up! All of these and more won't come with your batch of water. It really isn't rocket science when you want your water either. Dip the hose into running water, screw on the nalgene, pump, repeat. At 1 liter per minute you really won't be waiting long to re-hydrate your buddy who is waiting for the yucky tablets to de-gross his water. When I hike there is nothing better then good tasting cold water. The pump doesn't come with an A/C to keep the water cool but you get the idea. The pump packs down to about the size of a skinny nalgene and at 16 oz. I have found it's worth carrying the weight for what performance it provides. Cleaning the ceramic filter is super easy after your trip, the MiniWorks comes apart very nicely and goes back together with ease. If you ever need help with the pump or a random piece, MSR is a top notch company who is just a phone call away. They have gotten me out of a pinch a couple times and never make me feel like the dummy I am. If your wondering what to get that world traveler who frequents Mexico this pump should be in their stocking this year. BUY NOW: The MSR MiniWorks EX water filter at for $84.90.

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