Mountain Hardwear Power Stretch Zip T

October 27, 2008

Everyone has a shirt or pair of comfy pants that they will never lend to anyone because the thought of losing it would make that person never want to get out of bed. Ok, this is mine. I have had the Mountain Hardwear Power Stretch Zip T for 6 years now and this year on the anniversary I made sure to take it out for dinner. For a heavyweight layering piece I use it for skiing and for mountaineering. The reversible design is great for switching things up. You can switch out the soft side to outside for a more warmer trip and vice versa for the more colder weather. The zipper is also really nice because it doesn't irritate my chin at all. The arms stay nice and snug when you put on your shell so your not having to pull shirt scrunchies through the arm hole. For touring it is a little warm so I would stick to the merino. I have loved this shirt for hanging around camp and cold weather ski days. I know merino is pleasing the masses but Polartec will always have a spot in my drawer. Overall this a low bulk fit that is very comfy for all around winter use. Off the topic, I actually used this top for a job interview one time and it worked out nice. BUY NOW: Mountain Hardwear Power Stretch Zip T at

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