Mountain Hardwear Hammerhead 3-season Tent Review

February 24, 2009

When you name a tent 'hammerhead' it can be the wallflower at the school dance. The Mountain Hardwear Hammerhead tent is anything but the plaid pant wearing teen avoiding the ladies. This tent has been in my pack for 2 years bringing me night after night of comfy warmness. My initial plan for this tent was housing my climbing partner and I on Rainier. After a couple winter camps I was sold. The extended vestibule on the one door is perfect for cooking and storing gear. Two doors is key for any occasion in my opinion. The Hammerhead is also great for all around camping. My 6-month old daughter slept nicely because you can zip up the mesh with nylon to really lock in the warmth. Hammerhead Space The Hammerhead design really maximizes your space with how much you have to carry. The ceiling is higher then your usual backpacker tent which is nice for getting dressed or fitting a pack n' play (yeah did that one time). The floor plan allows room for you and your precious gear. Personally I don't like leaving gear outside so invite all the trinkets back in for a warm night. Mountain Hardwear Stability On Rainier the winds are gusty and powerful. Even though this tent is a little tall it never caved or flopped around. Sure its loud but what tent isn't screaming at that altitude with 50 MPH winds? While we climbed we came back to our tent right where we left it. Another year I went a guy lost his two-person Bibler to the hungry stomach of a crevasse below Muir. Ouch. Best thing about this tent is the option to go mesh or lock it down with nylon. That way your not buying all the tents on the shelf. Hammerhead Tent Specs 7lbs. 12oz. Heavy for Rainier I know but the thing is a hotel. Interior Height - 45" 36sq. feet for your late night dance parties. Bottom Line Sleeves are for dinner parties. The hooks sustain the stoke and a good nights sleep. Gear fanatics, sleep well this year in the Mountain Hardwear Hammerhead 3-season 2 person tent.

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