Montrail Whidbey Shoe - Gear Review

June 25, 2008

For a while now I've been in the hunt for a new pair of casual shoes that would both look good at the office and function if I needed to get away from the pavement for any reason. While looking I came upon the Montrail Whidbey Shoe which although had mixed reviews from customers at I have had good luck with the Montrail Vitesse (I'm on my third pair) and these were comfortable enough out of the box that I figured I'd drop some coin and give it a go. When I got home and pulled out my new shoes it was to my surprise that they were all alone in the box. No paper in the toes, no rice paper liner, no cardboard to separate the two, nada. Just a box with shoes. My initial response had me thinking it must have been a returned pair, but then upon closer inspection were these words printed on the box: Less is more. We are doing our our best to reduce the environmental impact of producing quality footwear. One simple initiative is to eliminate the paper stuffing.....Please continue to help us by reusing or recycling this box... Ok, so they've won me over on the Vitesse and now on the lack of paper in the box. Let's see how the shoes do. Quick Review of the Montrail Whidbey Shoe Unlike most shoes these were quite comfortable right out of the box. That first day wearing them I spent the entire day on the go from meeting to meeting, lunch get together, evening reception and more. They look good along with a nice pair of jeans or khakis whether you're headed to the office or traveling abroad. The insole is quite comfortable and even had a medial arch support that for my foot (higher arch, wide forefoot) was an added bonus. I think those with a flat foot may be bothered by this feature. The leather is supple enough that they stretched out in the forefoot to my width. The one thing that does annoy is the fact that the tongue wants to constantly slide over the the outside. I noticed that one of the customer reviewers on also had this happen. While not a show stopper, it may annoy. All in all, I'm quite pleased with these shoes. The comfort level and looks with the versatility of a solid sole makes them a keeper! Features of the Montrail Whidbey include: Thermo-moldable CTX footbed Soft supple leather Fantastic sticky rubber sole Montrail Warranty Buy Now: Check out the Montrail Whidbey Shoe at

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