Montrail Enduro Soles Custom Moldable Insoles

November 4, 2008

In the past I've done everything from Dr. Scholls, Superfeet, Surefoot Custom Thotics, cork and more. All in the name of comfort while trail running and hiking. So it was that when a friend suggested I give the new Montrail Enduro Soles a try I figured why not? Two things not really related to the performance of the soles themselves but worthy of mentioning is first, at $35 they won't break the bank to pick up a pair and second, the packaging is 100% recyclable plastic. (#1 PET) I've always wondered if the "Do It Yourself" product is really worth the risk but I think with these ones Montrail took the guessing and the margin of error out of the equation. The simple instructions are as follows: Warm the insoles in a conventional oven at 225 degrees for 2 minutes Remove insoles and immediately put them into your shoes and then put your shoes onto your feet. Stand with your full weight for 2 minutes. Walk around to improve the impression in the toe area. Voila! You're ready to run! Performance of the Montrail Enduro Soles So they're easy to mold, but how do they perform? After trimming the end of my soles to fit better in my Salomon XA Pro 3D Trail Runners, I was good to go. I have somewhat high arches and these insoles were spot on as far as the support I needed. They took up a bit more volume than the stock insoles (no big surprise there) but not too much to cause discomfort. When running I didn't feel like the arches collapsed but provided me with great form and comfort. I also tested them while on a two day hike in the same shoes and after covering around 12 miles over rugged ridge lines and many areas that were without trails I was sold on how comfortable they were and how my feed didn't feel fatigued. Another plus is the ample heel cushion as seen in the image above and to the right. This extra padding with the soles in my Montrail Vitesse which are known for a thick EVA cushion made for an invincible combo. Bottom Line on the Montrail Enduro Soles Easy instructions and easy Do It Yourself Great price for the quality Ample heel cushion with great arch support Lightweight and minimal volume I highly recommend these for ease of use and of course based on performance. BUY: Pick up a pair of the Montrail Enduro Soles and say good-bye to soles that don't endure.

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