Metolius Climbing Glove

November 26, 2008

I am a wuss. It's true. When it comes to rappelling especially, I hate it when my hands get rubbed raw from holding the rope in the break hand as I head downward. To limit the wuss-factor, I use a pair of Metolius Climbing Gloves. Being that I am a bit on the lighter side, I am usually having to pick up the rope and actually feed it into the device, so these gloves see a lot of regular wear when I'm climbing. Get the Facts on The Metolius Climbing Glove 3/4 length fingers allow you to maintain dexterity while still providing a good amount of coverage Webbing hooks allow for clipping gloves with a carabiner to wherever you want them Velcro wrist closure keeps gloves snug Great for rappelling AND belaying- palms are reinforced Again, a word about sizing- I have kinda tiny hands, and the XS is almost too big on me. The sizing chart from the Metolius website indicated that I would need a size Small glove, and those were definitely too big. Be sure to try them on if you're got hands on the extreme end of the spectrum, be it large or small. Also, keep in mind that they're going to stretch a bit. Check 'Em Out! Metolius Climbing Gloves

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