Merrell Rove Tech Vest - Quick Review

October 24, 2007

Merrell introduced a new clothing line in 2007 with the intent of providing stylish and functional outerwear for active folks who demand a lot from their clothing. A key piece of their layering line is the Merrell Rove Tech Vest. This vest is made from a 100% polyester shell that is lightweight and weather-resistant. It sheds the wind awesome. I haven't had much chance to wear it in foul weather to know how water resistant it is. However, it's not the type of clothing that you'd wear in wet weather all by itself. The fit and feel of the vest is superb with little touches here and there to display the extensive thought and design that went into the entire Merrell apparel line. The PrimaLoft One insulation is perfect because it's super light and compressible. I think it's superior to down because it won't shift around and will stay warm when wet. The pockets are nice and the overall fit of the Rove Tech Vest is awesome. Even little details weren't overlooked like the fuzzy-lined pockets and the headphone port, which round out the overall feel of this vest. The only thing that I've noticed that is a bit annoying is it's hard to get the zipper started sometimes. It just doesn't seem to engage consistently. Hopefully it just needs some breaking in and then it will go away. I'll get more time to test the vest in a variety of conditions and post an update. The Merrell Rove Tech Vest looks to be a great vest for both casual and technical pursuits. The PrimaLoft insulation is as good as it gets for lightweight warmth. At $100 MSRP, all that style and function won't break the bank. BUY NOW: Buy the Merrell Rove Tech Vest from or buy the Merrell Rove Tech Sweater from

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