Mammut Revelation Review

February 26, 2009

A dependable 9.2 mm single rope is AWESOME in itself, but Mammut took its Revelation a step further. Somehow, someway, the Mammut Revelation dry coating isnt as slick as the rest. It is typical for any rope with a dry treatment to have a slick and slippery period and break in over time. In my experience, this can be up to two weeks if you climb on them everyday, longer if you are a weekend climber. The break in period seemed to curb on my first Revelation rope on about day three. I was concerned with the quick break in period, may be an indication of a short life, definitely not the case. This rope has a quick break in period, AND maintains long life, that is a hard combo to find. The Coating Finish covers each fiber in the sheath and the Superdry in core as well. Limiting the application to water resistance is short changing yourself. This is the rope I bring with me to Indian Creek and for long desert towers. The slim diameter really cuts back on weight without having a performance trade off. The Superdry coating in the core really makes it resilient to sand, and a dirty rope is almost as bad as a wet or frozen one… They even took it one step further: Mammut puts the ropes through a heat process called Duraflex. This process assures your rope will maintain is diameter, preventing excessive stretch or malshaping. I would fall on the Mammut Revelation any day, and do. The Mammut Revelation in a nutshell: 9.2 mm is one of the smallest, lightest single ropes manufacture Swiss made Mammut, a brand who has been making mountain gearfor 140+ years Superdry waterproofing to the core Coating finish to each fiber of the sheath Duraflex heating process to assure repeated performance I love the 9.2mm diameter, but it is not what I climb on all of the time. When I take beginners out, I feel like they find comfort in more surface area and friction of a wider rope, say in the 10.0 - 10.5 mm range. If you know you are going to take a few falls let it be on a fat rope. It is not that that I fear falling on my Revelation, I dont at all. I usually project something new and hard with a fat rope, and then when I have done each move, I switch out for the Revelation, a smaller, lighter rope, to put all the moves together. This is preserving my rope for what it does best. It makes the route feel smoother and is shedding a pound or two. Safety note: Automatic camming devices (the Petzl Gri Gri or Trango Cinch) are safety tested on ropes 10mm and wider. I see climbers using smaller ropes in them all the time, although I would not recommend it, most especially if the rope is brand new. Also the midpoint of the rope is not mark wears off with use, so make sure you maintain that to your own. Enjoy and buy now at Backcountry!

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