Lupine Dog Collars

February 26, 2009

Alright, I'm boldly going where no writer has gone before- Dogs. Being the only writer on staff with a furry 4 legged friend, I was the only one who at the recent Salt Lake City Outdoor Retailer Show was super excited about walking by the Lupine Dog Products Booth. With a recently adopted 2 year old blue heeler/husky who feels it his job in life to eat absolutely EVERYTHING (see my review on the Smith Whisper Interlock Sunglasses and why I needed to purchase a new pair), Lupine's slogan caught my attention immediately: "Guaranteed EVEN if Chewed!" I made a beeline for their booth, and spent some time discussing their collars, harnesses and leads with an employee, and left with one of each for the Taz-man. After about a month of use, I can happily report that my lead and collar are still in one piece! Though Lupine guarantees their product for replacement even if chewed, it appears that their initial construction deters a lot of the need for that. My dog feels that the best way to hint at needing a walk is to pick up his leash, and carry it over to me. Constantly. Until he's outside! With a month of this, games of tug of war with the leash, and some anxiety induced collar-gnawing, they are both still intact! Bottom line- Lupine makes incredibly durable products and then is willing to warranty their product if you're new best friend chews it up! A company willing to warranty for something that certainly isn't a product malfunction? I'm impressed. They clearly have a team full of people who knows dogs and dog lovers alike. Also, to our dog-loving readers out there: look for more canine-friendly reviews in the next few months! Taz and I will be testing out some new dog packs, toys and other products aimed at the outdoor enthusiast who brings their dog with them when they head out! Check 'Em Out! Lupine Dog Collars and Leads

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