Lafuma RSX XL Polycotton Padded Camp Chair Review

February 25, 2009

Comfort is what gets me up in the morning. It's always fun to pack light for that minimalist 12 day backpacking trip. How about the rest of the time when it's time to kick back and relax? I attended the Teva Mountain Games last year to work a booth and the Lafuma Padded Camp Chair kept a smile on my face the whole weekend. Who is Lafuma? Started in 1930, three brothers made various bags including backpacks for skiing and lifestyle use. Catering to Everest mountaineers and military expeditions, Lafuma fit the bill for carrying gear in an efficient comfortable way. In 1954 they carried their comfort and construction efforts to furniture giving birth to a successful line of camp tables and chairs. Out of France the company owns Millet, Oxbow, and Le Chameau; I bet their company outings are not to be missed. The Chair The $180 price tag is a bit steep for a camp chair but the money-worries will melt away after you try this thing out. The pillow at the top has an elastic band to easily fit at the top to cradle your noggin' for a brief snooze. The material suspends your body through a trampoline-style construction that makes your body feel like it's floating in the clouds. My favorite part about this chair is the bottom bar where your feet go. Kick up the bar with your heals and start scoping the sky. Instead of clanky levers, in one swift motion with the bottom bar your in business. When the chair is open, I'll admit it looks intimidating in terms of packing it down. Just like the reclining feature the chair quickly closes when you pull the top and bottom bars together. It's more smooth than my Graco stroller. When we used the chair at the Teva Games we had to shuttle our tent and other gear across Vail Village. My buddy and I fought over who got to carry the Lafuma despite its 21lb. weigh in. The drawback with this model is it doesn't have a cup holder. Which is really quite a pain because when you sit down you start to think the world revolves around you. Reaching down to the ground for your Dr. Pepper becomes a nuisance; be aware of rapid laziness. The black fabric can get a little toasty in the sun but with it being a tight woven mesh material it didn't get too hot. If you enjoy comfort, you will enjoy Lafuma. BUY NOW: The Lafuma RSX XL Polycotton Padded Camp Chair at

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