La Sportiva Makalu Mountaineering Boot Review

December 31, 2008

The best of both worlds is what you get with the La Sportiva Makalu boot. You get a tough rugged steel-shanked sole coupled with a comfortable soft side. What more could you ask for on your Ouray trip or glacier trek? Other then a foot massage after every pitch... The makalu has been my choice for the past 8 years for all my ice and glacier ascents. Recently a friend of mine has been shopping around for a boot and asked me what I think. Even with all the new tech and fancy details with other boots, I would get the makalu again. The rubber material around the toe is perfect for keeping the boot dry when your front pointing. The leather is plenty burly for years of abuse. I have seen a lot of forest fire fighters use this boot and you know those guys put on the serious miles. I put on Nikwax every so often and that keeps up the waterproofing just fine. The locking mechanism for the laces is a very nice feature when you need that extra 'oomf' and security. Especially when your ice climbing the laces keep you on your A-game. If your looking for warmth I would suggest going with the Nepal or Spantik. I've done all my Rainier ascents with the Makalu and have been fine though. The fact that their 2lbs. 1oz. is also nice, they won't weigh you down. BUY NOW: The La Sportiva Makalu Mountaineering boot at

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