Kelty Duo Pack 12 Review

March 3, 2009

On your last outing did you cook food? Of course. Did you keep your food cool? Maybe. How about a pop-out kitchen table? Unlikely. The Kelty Duo pack is the ultimate kitchen away from your kitchen. Boasting a portable cutting table and cooler compartment is hard to pass up on your next trip. Kelty Kelty has excelled in their backpack design. They make good solid packs that don't drain your wallet and yet last a lifetime. I've really enjoyed their kid carrier systems and the old Tioga my dad let me borrow on my first backpacking trip. Kelty gear is for everyone and can be used everywhere. Duo Bin Layout In one compartment you have a cooler. Tons of space for feeding at least 6 people (depending on the appetite). To get an idea of space you could fit 12-14 IBC cream soda bottles in the cooler. I'm not saying that is a healthy dinner but you get the idea. The other detail Kelty did a great job at was making the cooler compartment easy to clean. If your carrying foil dinners or bacon inside you always get meat liquid swirling around the bottom. Unlike other coolers that are hard to clean, this bag has a user friendly design for the clean at heart. The non-cooler compartment has the same amount of space to fit all the goodies you could ever want. I think Kelty could probably make a smaller version because for me and my small family we usually have tons of left over space. You will notice on the side of the bag the plastic pole that is bent. That is really nice to have for the left over space because it helps keep the bag more compact for when carrying on your shoulder. The Table Zip these bags together and pop open the table for a veggie cutting extravaganza. The plastic table has a stay that comes out underneath to keep it steady. I wouldn't suggest cutting directly on to the table but with all the space you have in the bag you can definitely bring along a mini-cutting board. The table zips on and off so if you just want the bag you have that option. Bottom Line The bag is big when your carrying it on your side so it can be a little awkward if your carrying lunch for eight. You can carry the bags separate and delegate the load which is what I do. BUY NOW: The Kelty Duo Pack 12 at

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