Keen Targhee II Shoes

December 17, 2008

My feet get so hot. I mean it is unreal how hot they get. My lady reminds me that I need to ease up on the laces but nothing ever works. I have yet to find a stellar breathable all around shoe. I got the Keen Targhee II to replace my Chacos for hiking and they did ok but I especially love them for winter. My Targhees have the eVent fabric which I haven't seen much success with. Hopefully the new KEEN.DRY coming in 2009 is going to keep people like me in mind and bring down the temperature. The great parts about this shoe is the famous Keen rubber toe and the burly sole. I actually took these out snowshoeing last year and they did really well. I made sure to wear a solid gaiter other wise I would have been toast...well in this case frozen toast. The nubuck leather blocks out the snow and does great at keeping you dry. I think when they built the laces Keen secretly knew I was going to buy them one day because I can't crank on the laces. Don't get me wrong they stay on just fine just thought it was interesting. BOTTOM LINE:I really dig these for winter use and recreational snowshoeing but they do better keeping cool in my closet rather then on my feet in the summer. BUY NOW: The Keen Targhee II Shoes at

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