Keen Mens Newport Sandals - Gear Review

April 19, 2007

So, like many people, I've got flat feet. With flat feet comes special challenges and one of those are the lack of good sandals and flip-flops that provide enough cushion and support to keep my knees, ankles, hips and back happy. After using the Keen Newport Sandals for the past year, I can say they are some of the better sandals for those with flat feet. The thing that blew me away about the Keen Newport Sandals was that right out of the box, they fit perfectly with no rubbing or hot spots. That rarely happens--even with regular shoes. I thought that with all the open webbing, there would be one spot, somewhere that would cause undue chaffing. Well, Keen's delicate attention to detail proved me completely wrong. The soles on the Newports are super grippy in all conditions. They remind me of the last set of tires I bought from Les Schwab. They convinced me that I needed to have the tires "siped". And, I gave in. The result? I had an extra-grippy set of tires in all conditions. So, translating that to shoe-speak, the Newports have what I would call a "siped" sole. They not only have the standard knobs and ridges found on every all-terrain sandal, but they are carefully sliced cross-wise so that the sole conforms to wet or dry terrain like Spiderman on the Empire State Building. The Newports are comfortable for all-day adventures and obviously at home in wet conditions. Whether wet or dry, the Keen Newport Sandals are my sandals of choice. They are not perfect... I do wish they had a slightly taller arch support. As they are, the arch is fairly small (but larger than most), so if I'm walking on cement most of the day, my knees and ankles feel the pain. As an added bonus, the anti-microbial insole prevents the Keen's from smelling like my 7-th grade locker--Keen thought of everything. I dig the all-terrain ability of the Newports, the grippy soles, comfortable feel right out of the box and the super-protective trademark Keen toe-guards. Buy Now: Search for Keen Newport Sandals

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