Kako Ice Trekkers Ultra - Chains for Your Feet

January 16, 2009

With most of the nation under the icy grips of winter, undoubtedly more and more people are slipping, sliding and flailing on the ice and snow. The results can be comedic if you're not injured, but for many people, a fall on the ice results in a trip to the ER or worse. While no pair of shoes can ensure solid grip on the slippery stuff, the Kako Ice Trekkers Ultra personal chains can transform any shoes (well, most shoes... not your flip-flops) into stable and confident winter treads. With these on your shoes, you will be the envy of Zamboni drivers everywhere and sashay with aplomb across parking lots, walkways and your driveway. Much to the chagrin of ER doctors everywhere, you can score the Kako Ice Trekkers for your winter shoes and walk safely this winter. Specs on the Kako International Ice Trekkers Ultra Kako International Ice Trekkers Ultra shoe chain is made to grip the ground and hold on in deep snow and slick ice. Everyday shoe or heavy duty work boot, a rubber sling snaps securely over all types of footwear. The end result is superior quality and easy to use shoe/boot cleats great for running, walking and hiking. Hundreds of cutting edges for extreme grip Multi-directional X-Bead cables Compatibility with shoes, boots or insulated foot-wear Rubber sling fits securely onto shoe and stays put Alloy steel ensures chains are rust-free Built for durability MSRP: $17-$35 Size: Men 5-13+ and Women 5-11.5+ More Info: Visit to Learn More & Buy

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