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December 12, 2008 has been hard at work building out their house-brand outerwear and accessories. With the quality and quantity of gear that flows through their warehouse and the hard-core staff, these guys know what makes a good jacket. On top of pure design, they also realize what fabric is at the top of the waterproof/breathable foodchain and it's not GoreTex. About the Stoic eVent Jacket The little secret of the Stoic shell is its use of eVent Fabrics. If you don't know what eVent Fabric is then you're in for a bit of a wakeup call. You ready? Here goes... GORE IS LIKE WEARING A PLASTIC BAG COMPARED TO EVENT FABRIC! Yup... darn toonin' I'm telling it like it is. The Stoic Jacket is the top-of-the-line shell in the Goat-brand lineup. This straightforward jacket is built with all the goodness you'd expect from a high-zoot shell: taped seams, fleece-lined chinguard, adjustable built-in hood and all that goodness. To further hit home how awesome eVent Fabric is, you'll notice one thing about this jacket off-the-bat... it doesn't sport pit zips! What?!?! You mean, with eVent I don't need pit zips? Nope! You don't need them and as a result you get a more streamlined jacket that tips the scales at a scant 14 oz. At that kind of weight, this jacket can be your only shell for winter and summer adventures. Look for a full flogging of the Stoic Jacket in the coming months, but for now trust me... eVent Fabric is the goods and the Stoic Shell is a steal for the money (currently on sale for $237)! One note.. I'm 5'11 and 175 lbs. The Men's Large fits perfect as-is or on top of a midweight fleece. Nice, athletic fit. Read my long-term review of the Stoic eVent Jacket. Buy Now: Check out the Stoic Jacket

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