Introducing Corsair Bikes: Crown, Maelstrom and Marque

March 10, 2009

As a new bike company based in Salt Lake City and Seattle, Corsair Bikes is delivering targeted bike frames to gravity-lovers everywhere. With a small lineup of bike frames that includes the Crown (DH), Maelstrom (FR), Konig (SS), Marque (AM) and Ducat (DJ), these guys are dedicated to putting smiles on the faces of riders across many disciplines. Utilizing proprietary suspension designs on each frame, Corsair is not sticking to a single suspension platform. This is a fairly refreshing concept, but doesn't come without its engineering, tooling and manufacturing challenges. Quite honestly, I've enjoyed riding a myriad of suspension designs and have found some designs to lend themselves better to certain riding conditions. It's great that Corsair can admit that and is excited for the challenges of manufacturing a variety of different suspension designs. Their bikes are built burly (weight weenies need not apply), but look to serve those who can dish it out with a quality product that will last. With Corsair being local, I hope to at least get on the Marque during the upcoming riding season. More Info: Visit or to Buy All photos courtesy Corsair Bikes

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