Injinji Toesocks Can Aid Proper Foot Care

April 1, 2009

Theyre often covered up, shoved into ill-fitting shoes or taken for granted as the body least-glamorous appendage, but the feet are actually the structural foundation of the human form, supporting an average of 8,000 to 10,000 steps a day. In fact, podiatrists say just as much attention should be paid to the feet as the face when it comes to preventative care from the type of sock we wear to our bathing habits. Although theyre often treated as such, the feet are not an orphan, insignificant part of the body, said Dr. Marc A. Brenner, podiatrist, and director and chief executive officer of the Institute for Diabetic Foot Research in Glendale, NY. Theyre typically taken for granted until they hurt, and once you have foot pain, all activities cease from socializing to sports. According to Dr. Brenner, extreme foot consciousness is necessary to ensure this critical part of the body functions without fail. Here, he shares a few simple tips on how to keep feet healthy and free from common ailments and injuries: Make sure youre wearing the right sock In addition to frequently changing your socks to ensure cleanliness, Dr. Brenner encourages people to re-think their use of traditional tube socks. He instead recommends Injinji Performance Toesocks as a means to prevent several common foot problems. The socks patented design separates each toe with a thin layer of fabric, which prevents rubbing and hyperhidrosis (excessive moisture), he said. This technology eliminates inter-digital fungus and yeast, plantar warts and bromidrosis (stinky feet), while structurally supporting and isolating the digits more than any tube sock possibly can. Practice a strict daily foot regimen A thorough examination Look for cuts, scratches, cracks, blisters or other abnormalities, and dont forget to check between the toes and on the bottoms of the feet Good bathing habits Wash feet daily with soap and warm water, then pat dry, paying special attention to the area between the toes. Trim toenails straight across right after washing feet, then slip on a pair of Injinji Toesocks to keep them clean, dry and protected, even if youre just padding around the house. Pampering your feet as you would your face In addition to wearing Injinji Toesocks, use foot powder between the toes and apply an emollient to the heels and bottoms of the feet Be cognizant of season-specific protective measures During the warmer seasons, like late spring and summer, people are more active than ever, but sometimes neglect to take the proper precautions for their feet, said Dr. Brenner. He suggests you: Choose functional foot gear Open-toe shoes should have proper arch support. Closed-toe shoes can still be a cool alternative during the warmer months when paired with any of Injinji lightweight Performance Series socks, which feature moisture-wicking, breathable CoolMax® fabric. They look great with flip-flops, too! Be cautious about going barefoot, even on the beach Bare feet are a great port of entry for foreign bodies and viruses. The next best thing to being barefoot? Injinji Toesocks, several of which incorporate smart fabrics like X-Static® and NüBamboo, which are naturally antimicrobial and antibacterial, respectively. Treat yourself or have someone treat you to a foot massage This activity is not only pleasurable, but also promotes healthy circulation See the podiatrist at least once a year Examination of the feet should be a part of your annual, preventative check-up "The majority of the cases I see as a podiatrist could have been prevented if people just paid a little more attention to their feet, said Dr. Brenner. Just like tires to a car or a foundation to a structure, without the feet, the body simply doesnt function, so we need to start respecting and protecting them. Injinji is the maker of Performance Toesocks (tsoks) for sport, outdoor and casual use. A recipient of the American Podiatric Medical Association Seal of Acceptance, Injinji Performance Series is recognized for its ability to provide superior moisture management and healthy digital alignment. The Injinji Sponsored Team, Team Injinji, is comprised of elite marathoners, ultrarunners, coaches and adventure and endurance athletes who have adopted Injinji's as their tsok of choice. Visit Buy Now: Search for Injinji Toesocks

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