Icelantic Shaman Ski

October 28, 2008

Seems like these days graphics are becoming more and more important. Underfoot? Flex? Core? Forget about it, how are the graphics dawg?!? Just because people are throwing down some steezy ink doesn't mean you don't get a killer plank. The Icelantic Shaman brings you a stout 110 waist along with rockin' features making it a great addition to your ever expanding quiver. When I pick up a pair of skis for some reason I go right to the sidewall, I have no idea why. The white waxy finish threw me for a second. Yep, thats P-tex alright. Good for easy repairs, avoiding blowing an edge, and transferring energy. It's nice to see a ski company address such issues. Not too bad of a website either. The 160 mm clover looking tip is quite competitive in this years line up. Everyone is wanting the big momma wide skis. But what happens when you forget your skinnies and powder isn't on the menu? The Shaman's construction is going to be nice for busting crud and getting you down the hill after taking face shots in the secret stash. The burly flex will keep you stable at high speeds (speed suit sold separately) and the weight is ideal for the backcountry. And the graphics are arguably the steeziest on the hill, which remember is the most important part. Ski Specifics Weight: 173cm 8.43 lb (pair). Poplar wood core. Handmade in Colorado with 2 year warranty. MOUNT EM' UP: Icelantic Shaman Ski at

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