Ibex Merino Wool Meru Hat - Gear Review

April 24, 2007

Anyone that goes backcountry skiing with me knows that I've got a particular beanie that I typically use. It's knit acrylic with holes that are great for venting, but if it gets windy I have to put on a skull cap under the beanie to keep the wind at bay. If I'm climbing I'll likely wear the skull cap under my helmet but if I'm bouldering I've also got a separate beanie that I use. However, if I'm heading out around town I have yet another one that I'll wear and when I....ok, you get the picture. That was the way things happened in the hat world for me until I got my hands on the Meru Hat from Ibex. Background on Ibex Ibex is the category leader in all things merino wool. Beyond leading the category they also lead the Merino industry in standards set for the care of the sheep that produce the wool they use. They have helped to raise the bar for merino farmers in New Zealand and set high standards for themselves both in the quality of merino and in dealing only with farmers who respect the animals that give them their livelihood, namely forbidding the practice of mulesing. The care of getting the best wool translates to the quality of their products. How I Use the Meru Hat The Ibex Meru is branded as a midweight beanie but I'd call it light to mid weight. Despite its lighter build in now way does it mean you'll sacrifice warmth or dependability when things get down right cold or windy. In fact, last year during Discovery Channel's showing of "Beyond the Limit" which followed Russell Brice's Himex Expedition team on the North side of Everest, I noticed that one of the guides being interviewed was wearing the Meru! Talk about confirming the obvious! When it's windy the tightly woven merino is virtually windproof but unlike the Gore Windstopper beanie I have from The North Face, the Meru is soft, supple and breaths like, well, like nature intended it to. Ibex gave the Meru Hat flatlock seams which keeps it fitting well and free of those itchy spots that were so omnipresent in your wool hat that Grandma gave you when you were a kid. Features and the Bottom Line To recap the features of the Meru Hat: Flatlock seams and a bit of stretch both give the hat a smooth fit and feel Tightly woven wool is nearly windproof Light to Mid-weight build that is ample warm yet breathes very well Bottom line is that it has become my do everything beanie and pretty much eliminated the need for all my other beanies. Anyone need a used beanie? Buy Now: Search for Ibex Wool Products

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