Hitch Safe hide-a-key and wallet safe - New Product

April 26, 2008

A wacky little product showed up on my doorstep the other day. Sometimes when something like that shows up it is total junk -- like key chain flashlights and stuff. So I spare you guys the reviews of that stuff. But some nutty little things are actually great & thoughtful products. The Hitch Safe is one of those. Why isn't this on Oprah's favorite things or something?? Here is the skinny: It's a combination-locked drawer that fits into your trailer hitch mount so you can stash a spare key -- as well as your driver's license and a credit card -- when you are leaving your car at the trailhead. How cool is that? There's nothing I hate like having to hold my keys in my hand when I'm trail running. Or worse --- sticking them in your front shorts pocket & they swing around to hit you in the most uncomfortable (!!!) places with every single stride. The other question is what to do with your wallet. I have to admit that I hate carrying a wallet -- period. So I'll often just take my drivers license and one credit card. That's perfect for the Hitch Safe because it can accommodate up to 2 cards with your keys. Even if your car gets broken into at the trailhead they won't get your license & credit card, because you've got a combination hitch safe. Installation was a snap --- and the locking bars are secured from inside, so you have to know the combination to remove the Hitch Safe entirely. You just remove the combination drawer from its sheath, then insert the locking bars. After inserting them, there are some sliding latches that lock the bars in place. Replace the combination drawer, set your combo, and you're good. Voila! Your hitch combo safe is set. It fit just fine on my 2005 Toyota 4Runner hitch mount. I think it would be cool if they made some cool rubber covers to replace the standard black one, but for what it is you probably want to go for understated & not attract attention. Warning -- it is pinched on size, so you probably can't fit a key AND key fob together with 2 cards unless the fob is pretty slim (like a VW or Audi key fob combination). So you would probably have to stash just the key and 2 cards if you have a larger fob. And please don't post any comments about the size of your fob -- we reserve the right to delete them. Anyway, the Hitch Safe is cool little product that I thought I'd give a shameless plug for. Hope you guys find it as useful as I have. You can find out more here:

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