Hestra Heli Gloves

December 26, 2008

I am glove shopping again. No need to call GWA (Gear Whores Anonymous) I just need some good gloves to get me through the rest of the season. I promise its my last pair. After talking to fellow gear nuts Hestra usually dominated the conversation. The company started in 1936 and started making gloves for lumberjacks. If I ever have a deep desire to chop wood then make a raft out of that wood and leave home for 6 months; Hestra has me covered. From looking at reviews, these gloves look down right tough. The thing that caught my eye about the Hestra Heli Glove is the big strap thingy attached to the gauntlet. It goes around your forearm so you don't drop your glove into a crevasse while opening a gel. And yes I actually saw this on Rainier, guy totally dropped his BD Guide glove into a crevasse. Ouch! I've heard a lot of ski patrol are using Hestra because of the ultra tough leather. I don't mind paying a little more for a glove that is going to last. Translation: I'm super cheap and despite my gear addiction I need a tough glove. Seth Morrison is also rocking Hestra so I hope TGR doesn't expect me to start dropping crazy cliffs if I sport these while teaching my two year-old how to ski. Hestra Technology I am liking how Hestra has dialed in the details. They make their gloves with an Eagle Grip which has a pre curve for a more solid grip. Their Fiberfill insulation is looking toasty with the Snow Lock drawstring. Overall I am impressed and stoked to strap into these warm hand jackets. BUY NOW: The Hestra Heli Glove at

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