Helly Hansen Crew Shirt - Long Sleeve

November 27, 2008

I thought polypropylene was a thing of the past. I used it back in the day and then merino hit my skin and I have since forgotten the silky threads of poly. If your still not ready to make the switch or missing your poly check out the Helly Hansen Crew Shirt. I got a top this week and the first place I went was the tag. "ugh poly", I thought. And then I concluded that companies spend a lot of time, money, and passion to make their products. I took it running to stroll down memory lane of the ol' poly days. The feel of the shirt is different from the poly I have been use to. The material has open cells to keep the skin dry and move moisture. My past experience with poly has been locking in the wet and the stink; not a good match. The shirt didn't make me run faster but it did great with keeping me dry. How many shirts do you have come with racing stripes? I had to laugh when I saw the stripe coming through the arms but hey, a little steeze is fine by me. I have yet to take this skiing but the users have been saying it does what you need. It's worth a try. Worse comes to worse I switch out my top at lunch along with my skis. A clothing quiver? Wow, I am a gear freak. The other thing I was stoked on was the low-bulk cuffs, if your stuff is low-bulk its fine by me. Helly Promise Helly Hansen gives a 30 day performance promise with their dry tops. In 30 days if it doesn't perform better then any dry top you can get a full refund. If your looking for a pro-athlete opinion Chris Davenport has a couple things to say about HH gear. BUY NOW: The Helly Hansen Crew top - Long Sleeve at

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