Grivel Air Tech Racing Ice Axe

September 8, 2008

Picking up the Grivel Air Tech Racing Ice Axe, you'll have to look twice to make sure you're actually holding it! At 14.1 oz, the Grivel Air Tech is the lightest forged steel ice axe on the market. With other great features, you can be sure that this light tool isn't cutting any corners to make weight. With a classic positive pick and a shovel on the head, the Grivel Air Tech Racing Axe has proven itself a valuable tool in multitudes of situations. The aggressive pick on the head makes the tool versatile enough to use as a technical ice tool if necessary. From high daggering on the Skillet Glacier on Mt. Moran to glacier travel in the Cascades, the axe is a critical tool for any weight conscious mountaineer who doesn't want to scrap the technical versatility. Key Features of the Grivel Air Tech Racing Ice Axe Comes in a range of sizes, from 48cm up to 74cm Shaft resists up to 280kN of force, so it can take that brute force self arrest! Head composed of hot forged chromolly steel BUY NOW: Grivel Air Tech Racing Ice Axe

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