Granite Gear Compression Sacks

January 29, 2009

I always bring way to much stuff for backpacking. This shout out for Granite Gear sacks is long overdue. These little sacks have saved me from having to buy a bigger pack and taught me how to ease up on the gear overload on my trips. I mean, there is a limit no matter how many sacks you use. Granite Gear Sacks Sizing The most common use for a compression sack is for the sleeping bag. Some compression sacks I have tried to use make my bag into a loaf of bread but I prefer more of a basketball shape. That way at the bottom of the pack I can squeeze things on the sides. For the average sleeping bag, go for a large, it should fit nicely, unless your rocking a massive double. A medium is really great for packing the bulk of extra clothing. It's also nice to use for a down jacket on your winter trips. The small size is really good for more of an organizational purpose rather then for specific items. I usually use it for socks and gloves and a packable t-shirt. The extra small and the XX large sizes I haven't used much. For emergency home use these would be great for storing blankets and other useful items. Granite Durability I wrench on my compression sacks and probably over stuff them. The straps have never had an issue and I've never had the material bust open on me. Your stuff is also easy to get too. Compared to other compression bags, it's like you have to know the secret password or something to get your stuff out. BUY NOW: The Granite Gear Compression Sacks at

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