GoMotion Lighting Systems- Quick Review

February 26, 2009

Not to beat a dead horse, but grad school really does suck away a lot of my time. Due to this, a lot of my current recreating occurs in the wee hours of the morning (i.e 4:30am dawn patrol skiing) or late hours of the night (10pm trail runs). Because of my current schedule, I was psyched to meet with GoMotion at the Outdoor Retailer show, a company specializing in lighting packs and belts for trail runners, hikers, and skiers. GoMotion's tag line of "Extend the Day," caught my eye immediately. Clearly, this is what I need to do! Started by Jonathan Craig and Bob Hunnewell, a pair of Boston-based runners who were tired of post-work runs being lit by bouncing headlamps and reflective vests, GoMotion products are aimed at safely and effectively lighting your path. GoMotion boasts products such as the SportRunner Lite Belt, a waist belt with an integrated lamp to light your way without having to follow a bouncing headlamp path as you are running. They also make small packs, both with integrated lighting systems across the sternum strap in front and a flashing safety light in back. Look for a more extensive review of the TrailRunner LiteVest in a few months after I've had more time to run with it. A 1 liter hydration compatible pack with space for a snack and the integrated lighting sternum strap, the TrailRunner LiteVest looks like it might be my solution for late night runs. Check out the whole GoMotion Product Line

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