G.Loomis STR1263C GL2 Steelhead Rod

June 19, 2008

Talk to any die hard Steelhead fishermen and they will tell you the two most important items when selecting a steelhead rod are sensitivity and line handling. The G.Loomis STR1263C GL2 Steelhead Rod is packed with both of these features, with the sensitivity to feel the lightest of strikes to the strength for handling the most aggressive runs a steelhead should make. If your steelhead fishing takes you to the larger, wider rivers you will come to appreciate this G.Loomis Steelhead Rod, Its 10 6 length will allow you to make those long cast to the troughs on the far bank that you were not able to reach with your old Rod. The extra length of this road allows you to have an optimum line angle which reduces the line drag and gives you improved line sensitivity that steelheaders look for in a rod. Once you hook into a steelhead you will have the control over the fish like you have not experienced before, this rod is made to handle those aggressive steelhead and put you in control of the fish. As for the sensitivity of the G.Loomis 1263 steelhead rod you will now be able to feel the subtle bite like never before the soft tip action of these rods are hard to beat. While a steelhead is large fish their bite normally is very gentle and having the sensitivity this rod provides will give you an edge over most other fishing rods. G.Loomis makes their rod out of some of the highest quality graphite materials available today so you can be assured that this rod will last through years of fighting these powerful fish. The extra power you will have with the 1263 will get you those steelhead in large rivers especially if you are a drift fisherman requiring long cast to reach the troughs where the steelhead are laying. This rod work exceptionally well if you are into float fishing giving you that extra casting distance that you did not have before. SPECIFICATIONS: Model: STR1263C GL2 EVERGREEN STEELHEAD ROD Type: Casting Pieces: 2 Length: 10'6" Handle: No. 13 Line Weight: 6-12 Lure Weight: 3/8-3/4 Action: Fast Power: Medium I would highly recommend this rod to anyone that is serious about their steelhead fishing, they are well worth their money and you will be hard pressed to find a rod that will match their endurance! Article By: RR Smith http://steelhead-/wordpress http://www.steelhead-

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