Five Ten Canyoneer 2 Shoes

March 29, 2009

As soon as my spring break started last week, I headed south! Among my many adventures, I tried canyoneering for the first time. Gear nerd that I am, I was almost as psyched about the Five Ten Canyoneer 2 Shoes that I was wearing as I was about the canyon I was in! Never having canyoneered before, all the required gear was new to me. Dry suits, neoprene socks, specific shoes, packs with drain holes, the whole spot was full of gear I wasn't familiar with! However, I was familiar with Five Ten, their rock climbing shoes, and their reputation for making great footwear. I was psyched to try out a different shoe that they produced. Five Ten Canyoneer 2 Shoes Stealth C4/S1 hybrid rubber grips great when dry AND when wet! Downclimbing in these shoes was a piece of cake, and felt like I was wearing normal approach shoes. Synthetic upper does a great job keeping grime out of your feet when you're jumping into those pools you can't see the bottom of. Comfy comfy! I was in these for about 12 hours, and was never uncomfortable! A bit different than my Five Ten Anasazi LV rock shoes! A Word About Sizing I am normally a Women's Size 6.5-7. When I wore my Canyoneer 2s, the weather dictated that I also wear neoprene socks with them, so as not to lose my toes! WITH the thick neoprene socks, I was still a size 7. Five Ten recommends sizing up a full size when wearing these neoprene socks. This definitely didn't hold true for me. I have a fairly narrow foot, and with the neoprene socks, I had to torque the buckles all they way down to keep my foot in line. If I were going to wear these shoes without a neoprene socks, or even with a thinner one, I would definitely need a full size smaller than I normally would wear. Bottom line- What a cool thing to do! I will definitely be spending some more time in Zion's canyons this summer, and I will be rockin' the Five Ten Canyoneer 2 Shoes! Check 'Em Out! 5.10 Canyoneer Shoes

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