Five Ten Anasazi LV Rock Climbing Shoes

March 30, 2009

Along with canyoneering in Zion, I also spent a few days climbing in Red Rocks, NV during my spring break. I finally had a chance to leave the snow behind and try out my Christmas present- new Five Ten Anasazi LV Rock Climbing Shoes! After climbing a few pitches in these shoes, they began to settle in, and I was super excited to finally have a shoe that truly fit my foot. Though I wouldn't quite call them comfortable, they climb like rock stars. Five Ten Anasazi LV Rock Climbing shoes Synthetic upper= Minimal stretching. After about 10 pitches, mine had stretched a little bit, but just enough to accommodate my slightly larger right foot. After that, no more stretching. LV= Low volume (no, it's not "Lady's Version"). Boy, does Five Ten mean low volume. I have a mid-volume foot, and the "split overlapping" tongue barely overlaps. If you've got a really low volume foot, you're psyched about these shoes! Heel= Awesome! Full rubber coverage offers great traction on all parts of your foot, and the 2 "pull-on" loops make for easier shoe entry. Still had to yank on them pretty hard, but totally worth it for the fit of the heel. Velcro closures= easy on and off. While these are technically Women's specific rock shoes, I know several guys who love climbing in them, specifically for their low volume fit. And really, who doesn't want to rock the purple stitching? Now, let's all just hope it stops snowing in the Wasatch so it can be climbing season! Buy Now! 5.10 Anasazi LV Rock Climbing Shoes

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