END Stumptown 10oz Trail Running shoes

March 23, 2009

I love to run. I'm no Karl Meltzer but trail running cleanses my soul. No need to rough it with uncomfortable kicks. After using a Vasque and Teva trail runners I was about to give up my dirty hobby. I stumbled across END footwear and have been sporting the 10oz Stumptown for a month now. Hang on to your socks folks. Who is END? END stands for Environmentally Neutral Design which they accomplish by using recycled materials for their shoes, shoe boxes, and even their trade show booths. Check the attached video to see how they re-use materials to make their shoes sustainable. Out of Portland, Oregon, END has a strong passion not only for the environment but also for a tough pair of shoes. When I first put on the Stumptown it felt like a jacket for my foot. The thin walled material is easy to slip on and it doesn't matter if you have a wide or narrow foot. The Seamsmart nylon material compensates for either one. The heel is a bit thicker then most shoes I have tried helping absorb shock. Is it even a shoe? No clunkiness. No resistance. No kidding. When I wear the 10oz Stumptown I'm not wearing shoes. The only way I can describe them is a burly sock. My feet usually get overheated when I run, but not with END shoes. On colder days it almost feels like my feet get wet, but it's just the sweat cooling off my feet. The absolute mind boggler is the material keeps your feet clean and dry. I was told I could run through mud and not have problems. Absolutely correct. Mud, snow, and water sheds off the waterproof material with no problems. END Fit The toe box is smaller than my Oboz Igniitions but with the material being as flexible as it is I didn't have any issues. I would also size down a half size, I normally wear a 10.5 but the 10's fit perfect. To achieve a minimalist design the rear doesn't cradle your heel like other shoes. It does feel a little small as if your heel grew a half inch. It takes a little adjustment but it feels really secure after a while. The 10oz has a bit more material reinforcement on the sides of the foot where the 8.5oz is a true minimalist shoe. I can't wait to try on the 12oz, from trying the 10oz and the 8.5oz I think the 12oz would make a good light backpacker. Parting Thoughts I wonder if I could send my old shoes to END to make me a pair of new Stumptowns? They are doing their part, I should do mine. The comfort and quality had me at 'hello' and the price tag of $75 is hard to compete with. Lace em' up: The END 10oz Stumptown trail running shoe.

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