Ellsworth Evolve 29er Mountain Bike: Long-term Review

August 15, 2008

I'm really warming up to 29er mountain bikes and the new Ellsworth Evolve 29er is one of the best on the market. Ellsworth doesn't mess around... they are one of the most high-end bike manufacturers on the market and their designs are proven and dependable. Every Ellsworth I've ridden has been a ton of fun and the all-new Evolve is no exception. I received the Project Pink Ellsworth Evolve about 6 weeks ago and have been flogging it on the local singletrack ever since. Here's what I like best about the Ellsworth Evolve: It handles and rides on par with the best 26ers on the market Climbing is super-efficient It feels like it has more than just 4-inches of travel The build quality is impeccable I love the pink color and the cause it supports It is made entirely in the USA But, with such a high-end product, it does have it's drawbacks like not being able to test ride one before buying and the MSRP is a bit steep for a frame-only at $2400. However, if you're looking for one of the best 29er trailbikes on the market, and you've got the coin, the Ellsworth Evolve will reward you with solid climbing and capable descending--all in a bump-smoothing 29-inch wheel package. Another great thing about Ellsworth... they don't go changing their framesets every year just to make a buck off their loyal customers. Their designs look essentially the same year after year with only minor tweaks in linkages. So, once you buy an Evolve, it's not going to look outdated in a year or two. Read my complete Ellsworth Evolve Review on Buy Now: Visit to Buy an Ellsworth Evolve

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