Electric EG1 Goggle Review

November 26, 2008

Goggles can be our best friend or our worst enemy. I mean don't we just want to see clearly? Is that too much to ask? Ask and ye shall receive with the Electric EG1 goggle, straight forward specs to help you dodge groms, tree stumps, and yard sales. I have been trying these goggles the past couple of ski days and I love the simple design. The anti-fog coating has been great and I haven't had to put cat crap on. The elastic band fits a helmet perfect and it doesn't have a ton of extra material that bunches up or anything. For the price I really feel like I am getting a ton of bang for my buck. I can see perfectly through the Gold Chrome lens they come with. The lens increases contrast and I don't feel like I am skiing in some toon land with crazy colors. I feel like the medium fit is perfect for my face. They don't have a ton of extra lens or frame that I am lugging around. You even get a free lens from Electric which is always sweet. I got the rose lens because they work for me while I go night skiing. Compared to the Spy and Oakley goggles I have used in the past, these Electrics bring it for sure. Not to mention the high steeze factor. BUY NOW: The Electric EG1 Goggle at

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