Elan Pogo Sticks Ski

October 10, 2008

When I was a little grom, I took a nasty dive at Snowbird on my elans and completely tanked. I got to the lift and noticed my top sheet coming off and learned the term, "de-lammed". Back then graphics, ski appearal, underfoot, and radius didn't matter; it was all about the down and the snow. The down and the snow are the same but elan is definitely stepping up the tech and you won't be having any de-lam problems with these skis. Take a peek at the new Pogo Sticks from elan that have what you need for serious ups. The big scuttle on these planks is the fact they have a bottle opener on the tail of one of the skis. Isn't there a sign at Park City saying not to drink and ski? This ski paired with pole flasks could bring many good times coupled with responsibility and errrr.... safeness. The elan guy I talked to also said to "take off the ski" before using the opener, it's a little easier that way. For the park rat that wants the pop and landing performance; the pogo is your plank. Ok back to the bottle opener, lets say your skiing switch in 12 inches of powder...does that hole in the tail of the ski shoot snow in your face? Just a thought. 90-92 underfoot this is going to be a great backcountry jib pow ski, most preferably facing forward. If I see someone skiing pow switch this year I will provide pictures. Elan Pogo Sticks Specs Burely RST sidewall for that extra durable steeze. Response Wood core providing the mentioned pop and response. Sizes: 165, 175, 185. MOUNT EM' UP: The Pogo Sticks at for $649.95

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