Dockers Outdoor Clothing: Coming Fall 2008

June 5, 2008

Dockers-brand clothing has been around for years. Likely the most ubiquitous dressy-casual wear in the world, nearly everyone owns at least one pair of Dockers slacks or khakis, right? I know I've got at least two pair in my closet... what about your closet? I'm sure they're in there. Keeping true to the office casual and business apparel market has likely been a good move for Levis, who owns tne Dockers brand. I'm sure it's not without plenty of analysis and strong market projections that they will introduce the Dockers Outdoor brand in Fall 2008. Unlike Merrell Apparel, the Dockers Outdoor clothing line will be aimed at the casual outdoor enthusiast. Styling and function are designed for the small adventures of life... a walk in the park with the kids, a stroll along the beach, or an impromptu hike on a local trail. The line isn't "technical" per se, but more versatile, with the ability to go adeptly from the office or the mall to whatever adventure awaits. Everything is about comfort and the fabrics reflect that with eco-friendly raw materials like organic cotton and recycled polyester. The focus will be on a "Sportswear Layering" system to allow you to mix and match according to the weather. Comfortable pants and layering-friendly cotton henley or button-down flanel shirts that can be topped off with a versatile vest or jacket. Dockers Outdoor Products I was sent some samples to get a feel for the new product line. This consisted of the following items: Truckee Vest A basic vest made from a combination of recycled and virgin polyester and spandex. The material is soft and comfortable and the cut is straight. YKK zippers are used for a solid zip every time. The lower hem is finished with an elastic drawstring that's easily adjusted from either side. After trying on the Truckee Vest, it lacked an athletic fit, so the size Large was like wearing a barrel. In the store, you'd have more sizes to select from, so sizing down may be necessary to get the proper fit. Blackcomb Henley L/S This long-sleeve, 100% organic cotton henley is a pretty standard 3-button design with the exception of the small MP3 player pocket on the right side--a nice touch. The fit seems comfortable and true to size. Eco Tahoe Convertible Pant Made from a comfortable mis of organic and traditional cotton and nylon canvas (for durability), these convertible pants are made for people on the go. A nice fit that's not too baggy, but definitely not slim, I could see wearing these on a hike with the kids and when things get toasty, zipping off the pant legs for a nice cool-down. The waistband is lined with brushed polyester for extra comfort. My Thoughts on Dockers Outdoor Compared to the technical Merrell Apparel lineup, the Dockers Outdoor line is made for the common man who just wants to have a casual adventure with the family. These items won't really be suitable for extreme backcountry adventures, but that's not the intent. For those looking for a casual, outdoorsy look and feel, look for the Dockers Outdoor product line in major retail stores this Fall. More Info: Visit

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