Darn Tough Socks

February 1, 2009

Between skiing, mountaineering, ice climbing, biking, trail running and, oh yeah, school, I seem to have a sock for every occasion. Is this overkill? Perhaps. But Darn Tough Socks, based out of Northfield, Vermont, appears to have all my needs covered. What do I really look for in a sock? I mean, does one have "sock standards?" Its not like it's a shoe we're talking about here, it's just another layer between your body and the outside elements, right? Not in my world. I need something that will keep me blister free, and most importantly, will last! Wash after wash, run after run, climb after climb, I can't seem to kill my Darn Toughs! Darn Tough Socks- Darn Tough is right! Virtually indestructible. No holes, no loss of padding in key areas, no loss of integrity as they go through the wash. Merino Wool = STINK FREE! Well, as stink free as you can get with a sock, anyways. After my first Icebreaker piece, I was totally sold on the Merino Wool, and of course, am now a fan of it in my socks as well. But, for those socks you don't want to be fully insulated and toasty, they also have a line of CoolMax socks, my favorites for summer running. Versatile sock lines- Darn tough makes"On Mountain," (Skiing/Riding) "In-Country," (Hiking/Mountaineering) and "In Town," (Lifestyle) lines, basically covering any event where you might need to wear a sock. Buy Now! Darn Tough Hiking Crew Sock

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