Dansko Professional Shoe Review

January 15, 2009

I am trying harder each day to be more stylish. A peak in my journey has been sporting the Dansko Professional casual shoes that I propose aren't so casual. I probably wear these shoes 4 days a week and on the other days I miss em. I am tough on my shoes and I hate to abuse these treasures more then needed, not that they can't handle it. I have accepted over the years that I am short. It's fine. But I have definitely looked into height enhancing pills. Thankfully I won't need to take sketchy meds to get my up's. The professional gives me about 2.5 inches so if I ever have a business meeting with NBA athletes I won't be out of the conversation. Dansko Tech Inside the shoe the instep is raised and holds up that muscle underneath your foot. I don't completely understand it but your first 8 hours in the shoe are going to be painful. Your foot needs to get use to that raised section, after that it is smooth sailing friends. The leather is beefy. I've drudged through the salty muck snow of the SLC streets and it doesn't phase these kicks. They scuff a little but that is me, not Dansko quality. I'm all about the slip-on style shoe. Airport security anyone? Their tazer guns don't have anything on you. As you can imagine by my enthusiasm for these shoes I have dubbed them my before and after skiing shoe. Their also a great business shoe, I get a ton of compliments and hopefully one day Helen Hunt will buy me lunch. Still waiting for that. BUY NOW: The Dansko Professional Shoe at

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