Dalbello Krypton Pro I.D. Ski Boot

October 22, 2008

Had the chance to fondle this boot the other day and personally it takes a lot for me to get stoked about a piece of gear. I mean, its just a ski boot right? WRONG! Dalbello has hit some killer details that I normally overlook in a boot. I thought if you have 4 buckles then your set and that 3 buckle boots were only good for the antique roadshow. Not so. The 3 buckles on the Krypton are placed in the right place so you don't need that 4th buckle and can get the stellar performance you need. The plastic on the outside is placed against a leather tongue so it takes away friction when you flex the boot. This helps give your feet the freedom needed for quick response to dodge tree stumps, land mines, and ski patrol sleds. Ever had cold feet? Check your sock system first but also slip into these babies and enjoy the more open area above the arch. Apparently there is a big artery on the top of your foot that needs flow and the Krypton compensates for that. Check out the hinge on the boot and how low it is. That is lowered to give a more natural feel when your doing your thing on the hill. Switch out tongues for a stiffer or softer ride to absorb shock according to your preference. Kinda like Burger King; have it your way. Krypton Pro Boot Specs Thermo moldable liners. (Who isn't these days?) Multiple tongues for a race or freeride fit. STRAP EM' ON: Dalbello Krypton Pro I.D. Ski boot at for $699.95

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