Crank Bros Mallet C Pedals - Gear Review

April 16, 2007

When considering your pedals of choice, there are many, many options. Do you want to go with flats, SPD's, Frogs, Eggbeaters, Time or the good ol' retro toe clips? Whatever option you choose, I guarantee you will find plenty of cohorts who like the same Kool-Aid you have chosen. Personally, I like to drink the Crank Bros Eggbeater variety... specifically the Mallet C pedals. The Crank Bros Mallet C pedals have been around for a few years. I fell in love with them at Interbike 2004 after falling out of love with SPD's--mainly because I view Shimano as the Microsoft of bike parts, but that's a different discussion. Crank Bros Mallet C Pedals - Quick Review After a quick stop at the Crank Bros booth at the Outdoor Demo, I was on my way with a pair of brand new Crank Bros Mallet C's for use in the beat-down heat of Bootleg Canyon, Nevada. Even though I had never used a pair of Eggbeaters in my life, I quickly adapted to the Mallet's and felt an instant connection to the bike, while enjoying a fair amount of knee-friendly float. Releasing from the pedal was equally comfortable. Another great feature of the Mallet C's is the large platform that acts like a safety net in case you clip out accidentally, or can't clip in fast enough before the watermelon-sized rocks start maxing out the suspension on your Intense 6.6 (you know you want one). Now that I've used the Mallet C's exclusively for the past 3 years, I can honestly say that they perform far superior to their SPD counterparts. I love the natural motion and extra float offered by the Mallets. And, my knees thank me with every pedal stroke. I feel solidly-connected to my bike and love the easy in/out motion. BUY NOW: Crank Bros Mallet C pedals are available from

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