Clif Shot Blok FastPaks

January 20, 2009

I love Clif shots and Clif bars. On climbs, I live off of these things! For my car to car escapades, I often only eat shots and bars! However, recently, Clif came out with a product that is my new favorite snack- Clif Shot Bloks! They're gummy snacks like you'd eat in the second grade, but instead with extra carbs and that energy boost you need. Ok, so the Shot Bloks have been on the market for a while now. Why am I just now stoked on these things? Because Clif redesigned the packaging! Old shot bloks came in a little baggy which required ripping open, and then fumbling around (especially if you're in gloves!) trying to grab a hold of these small gummy squares. The FastPak is designed like a tube, where you rip off the top, and then can squeeze from the bottom (in a very "tube of toothpaste" sort of way) and the shots come popping out, one at a time. No mess, no digging for the shot bloks, just quick carbs that taste better than pounding a regular Clif Shot. FastPak is totally manageable with one hand, so it's great for running. No need to stop! Clif Shot Blok FastPaks come in the same great flavors that the regular Clif Shot Bloks come in, though my two personal favorites are Black Cherry and Margarita (which tastes NOTHING like a margarita, but definitely satisfies my salt cravings). Each cube contains 33 calories, and there are 6 cubes in a pack, so if you're a calorie counter, its easy to figure out what you've consumed on a run. Bottom line- quick calories that are easy to eat. You don't even have to stop to re-fuel! Buy Now! Clif Shot Bloks

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