Cinelli Cork Handlebar Tape - Gear Review

July 1, 2008

It's a simple thing for a road biker to decide, but then again, it's not so simple. Every time you ride, every aspect of your performance and the feel of the road transfers through the tape you've got on your handlebars. After the stock tape that came with my roadie turned out to be less than stellar (read - didn't grip, made my hands slide) I pitched it and gave some Cinelli Cork Ribbon Original a try. I made the right call. Now on my second version of the Cinelli Cork and after nearly 2000 miles, I'm more than sold on it. Despite hot or cold temps, the cork always seems to give a good sensitive feel and especially in hot temps I never felt like it got wet, slimy or lost its grip. Over time the cork tape got dirty and did drift ever so slightly but I suppose after near 2000 miles any tape would start to lose its form, especially on the curve points where my hands are placed most of the time. Be sure that you stretch the tape a bit when you're wrapping it as there was just enough to give me good coverage on my FSA Wing Pro Handlebars. Each Cinelli Cork Handlebar Tap kit includes: 2 End Caps 2 Cork Ribbon pieces for the brake levers 2 Long pieces of Cork Tape 1 piece of adhesive logo tape (although I just used electrical tape) Buy Now: Pick up the Cinelli Cork Handlebar Tape for a deal at Note: If you find that you need a bit more padding on the road bike handlebars check out the Cinelli Gel Cork Tape at

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