Chrome Citizen Messenger Bag Review

April 2, 2009

When I lived in the hilly town of San Francisco and my thighs were thicker than my waist, it was good times. The shift to the Bay cycling terrain (abrupt hills and California rolling stops), bike culture, and gear, was an experience. I was intrigued by the gangs of fixed gear riders. They all wore tight jeans, and deep V-neck shirts, with a beautiful messenger bags with a seatbelt closure. It was Chrome. Have you ever learned a new word, and then hear it everywhere? Even your mom is saying it? That is how it is with the Chrome Messenger Bag. All of the sudden, it wasnt just the fixie kids, but the professional bicycle messengers, bike commuters, and old man cyclists too… all with the Chrome Messenger Bag. Unlike many messenger bags, The Chrome Messenger Bag is designed for the cyclist. You must indicate which shoulder you sling your bag across, as the bag and shoulder strap is designed anatomy specific. This is not a purse; it is a messenger bag, meaning it does not dangle daintily from the shoulder. Chrome is solid and secure, designed to allow the weight in the bag hug the bag to correct alignment, all the rider has to do is pull the D ring. Chrome is strong across the torso and the compartment secured to the back. If you are looking for an outdoorsy purse keep it to the Timbuktu and Patagonia Half Mass Messenger Bags. They have a place; it just isnt on a bike. Do not dismiss the Chrome signature seatbelt as mere style. The seatbelt buckle is highly functional. You can take the Chrome Messenger Bag off without lifting it over your head. This is huge, if you do not want to finagle your helmet through the strap at multiple stops or deliveries. Chrome in the bag: American made Lifetime guarantee and repairs available (if needed) 1000d Cordura shell Weatherproof truck tarp liner NO seams on the interior of the bag, reducing points of failure, and seepage Padded shoulder strap Complementary anatomical design Easy on, easy off seatbelt closure Chrome has raised the bar for the standard messenger bag and has a variety of sizes for your needs. I sport the Citizen, their medium sized bag (22.5 x 11 x 7). The Chrome Citizen stows my laptop, a layer or two, notebooks, my fat physics books, water bottles, and a pair of shoes with space to spare. I cannot get my yoga mat in the bag, but it clips securely to the outside. The compartment space is long, as opposed to wide. I do not have the sensation of riding with a box on my back, but a long, hugging, snug bag, like a heavy denim blanket wrapped around you. Note Citizen refers only to the size. From small to extra large Chrome calls their Messenger line: Minimetro, Citizen, Metropolis, and Kremlin. The larger sizes have an additional strap to balance cross load. Why I retired my old messenger bags: Some straps are sharp after being weighted, then the straps dig into your traps (muscles at the base of the neck and shoulders). A poorly designed strap can wander rubbing your collarbone raw. Sometimes I would not ride as aggressive as I can because the bag would move, or unbalance my weight on quick turns. The complementary design of the Chrome padded strap, and the simple design, durable material, and quality craftmanship allow me to ride and I dont have to think about anything else …except traffic. Buy Now! From Chrome Herself.

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