CherryMax Sleds Hammerhead Sled Review

January 29, 2009

350 clams for a sled??!? Yeah thats what I was thinking when I heard about these snow contraptions. How good can it be and who is really going to use it? Fortunately I had the chance this last week to take these non-motorized snowmobiles to the sled hill to go nuts; oh and I did. First off the CherryMax Hammerhead Sled is easy to carry. You can see how the bars are formed which made it super easy to carry it up the hill. After all, sledding should be easy right? Last week at OR I asked the Hammerhead rep how in the heck to ride this thing. She promptly had me take off my backpack, lay on top of it on the ground, and get into the 'Hammerhead' position. I'm so glad I ran into her because she said to make sure your shoulders are in line with the front bar. That was key in keeping my sternum intact while bumping through some of the gnar gnar on the hill. Ok so I get to the top of the hill. Everyone with me is snickering at my Mercedes-Benz sled. I lay down, get into my sternum protection position and start to go. The steering in the front is ultra touchy. For the first run I tried to keep it straight. Bump after bump after bump my body was softly cradled by the sleds high strung netting. When I hit the bottom I cranked the steering blades hard left and made this huge GS turn from the energy I had left over. AMAZING! I fell off the sled for two reasons: Because I'm use to falling off and it just felt normal. I was baffled with how soft and comfortable this sled is. What?!? No hurt butt!? No damaged shoulders? No sitting at the bottom of the hill with the air knocked out of me? I probably go sledding 4 times a year. Having more kids now I think that number will grow and my resort days will decrease. Would I buy a $350 sled? After riding the Hammerhead and not dumping it every run wrecking my body. Yes. Yes I would. You really need to ride this thing to feel the magic. Also check the Hammerhead Blog. Gear Gripe CherryMax I love your sled but the runners on the bottom come off a little too easy. I spent 20 minutes trying to find a lost skinny runner. I really hope you can add a more secure attachment to keep those babies on. Bottom Line Does Yakima or Thule make a rack to carry this thing on top? Bring it on baby. BUY NOW: The CherryMax Hammerhead Sled at

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