Chaco Zong Sandal

March 30, 2009

If you like the traditional feel of a Chaco but want a backless sandal the Zongis probably on your wishlist. I have a hard time wearing thong sandals. The thick rubber piece between my big toe isn't comfortable. The Zong has been great because I get he backless easy-on style with the comfy signature Chaco toe loop. The thicker sole is nicer then the Flip for a more supportive feel. The first week in any new Chaco is going to be a tight fit. The webbing has to loosen up a bit to slip in and out with ease. The Zong is no different. I thought it wouldn't have a break-in period like the other styles but it definitely does. Be patient. Sizing Weirdness? The feel of a Chaco sandal is awesome. Any outdoorsy peep is going to have at least 3 pairs in their closet. I have found that in the Z1 and Zong I am a 9 US. In the Flip I am a 10 US. When I try to cram my foot in a Flip size 9 the webbing is too tight on top of my foot. I wish the Zong had a more snug feel because I can only tighten the strap so much. I guess cutting the webbing is an option but I'm too lazy and I don't want to mess with it. One Zong so many uses I find myself using the Zong for swimming, short walks, and family reunions. If I am going to be walking for a long period of time the Zong isn't ideal because I feel like it's going to come off. Once again I need to figure out the webbing. Probably one of the craziest thing I have used my Zong for was to sun bake a marshmallow and chocolate for an afternoon s'more. If I find the picture I'll post but I'm sure it's lost in a memory card vortex. Overall the Zong has treated me well. Nice sturdy Vibram sole and easy to get in to. If your chasing someone who just stole your wallet, hopefully you have a pair of END shoes in your back pocket because the Zong won't last long. BUY NOW The Chaco Zong Sandal at

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