Chaco Hipthong Sandals

March 31, 2009

Lets go back to my shoe obsession for a moment. For my dedicated readers (of which there are... Three... Maybe...), you know I've got a thing for trail runners, ice climbing boots, hikers, rock climbing shoes, pretty much any type of shoe. An obsession I haven't talked about yet though, are my Chaco Hipthong Sandals. An awesome hybrid between a basic flip flop and your standard Chaco (z1s or z2s), the Chaco Hipthong Sandals are great to slip into after you've had your feet in rock shoes all day, or for just kickin' around town in. Chaco Hipthong Sandals Strap at forefront of shoe is fixed, like a normal flip-flop sandal Straps at instep of foot are adjustable, allowing you to get a "custom fit" out of a flip-flop! Polyurethane footbed offers decent arch support and is still fairly lightweight and flexible As always, sweet colors! Chaco seems to be pretty standard across the board with sizing. I'm a 6 in the pair of Z1s that I have, a 6 in the Z2s and a 6 in the Hipthongs. I'm hoping that if I continue to wear my sandals, despite the current weather conditions, that it will bring warm weather! Check 'Em Out! Chaco Hipthong Sandals

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